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Experiential education

Lehigh University students are challenged to take advantage of on-campus and off-campus opportunities to gain experience through internships, class projects, research, clubs, study abroad, and leadership opportunities. There are numerous ways employers can connect with Lehigh University students seeking to apply their skills towards career related opportunities.

  • Engineering Co-Op program

Lehigh University’s co-op program is a selective honors program for sophomore students in the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science that integrates academic study with approximately 8 months of full-time, professional experience. Co-Op has been a central component of our engineering curriculum for over 25 years, with the concept of cooperative education first conceived here at Lehigh by Professor Herman Schneider in the early 20thcentury.

Co-Op students acquire in-depth, resume-enhancing industry experience while participating employers gain vital contributions from high-achieving young professionals and prospective employees.

Employers who hire Lehigh Co-Op students not only gain ambitious and creative talent in the short term but also have the opportunity to observe and develop prospective employees. The students who participate in Co-Op have achieved a GPA of 3.0 or above and engaged in rigorous academics focused on experiential learning, making them well prepared to bridge skill areas and provide vital contributions to companies. In addition to gaining fresh perspectives and energy, Co-Op provides employers with a pool of talented young professionals who are available for full-time conversion after only four years of study – an entire year earlier than Co-Op students at most other institutions. This is an extremely cost-effective strategy for workforce development. Employers also find Co-Op to be a personally rewarding experience that allows them to participate in the educational process, contribute to students’ professional development, and form a strong partnership with Lehigh University.

  • Externships

One of the best ways for your company to create a pipeline of talent and for students to learn more about a career field is through participating in our Externship Program. Externships are job shadowing opportunities in which students can observe someone who is in their field of choice.  It is also an opportunity for them to ask questions about career paths and to seek advice which they can use to assist in their own career planning.  Externships can assist students by increasing their networking contacts and can create leads for potential internships or full-time jobs in the future.

  • Internships

Employers can also choose to participate in our internship programs by posting their internship position on Handshake.  Traditionally a summer experience spanning 10-12 weeks, internships help students bridge the gap between their coursework and real-world experiences and projects.  For our employers, it offers them a great opportunity to identify talent and build the pipeline for further full-time talent from Lehigh.

  • On-campus experiences

Capstone projects

Leadership opportunities

Mountaintop experience


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