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On-Campus Interviewing

On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) is an opportunity to interview with an employer without having to leave campus.  Approximately 200-300 employers interview candidates for full-time, internship and co-op positions between October and April in Career Services. In addition, many employers offer special on-campus information sessions to help you learn more about their organizations.  In order to participate in an On-Campus Interview, you need to apply for a position through LUCIE and follow the Policies and Procedures listed below.



  1. Campus interviewing is available to undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in an academic program at Lehigh University.
  2. Seniors graduating in January or June may interview on campus for full-time employment for a total of two semesters, no more than six months after receiving their Lehigh degree.
  3. Seniors who register with Career Services but decide not to interview for a given semester should contact Career Services in order to ensure their ability to take full advantage of two semesters of interviewing.
  4. Students enrolled in a graduate degree program may take campus interviews at any time after they have begun their studies.
  5. Students enrolled in either undergraduate or graduate programs may interview on campus for summer, co-op, or internship employment.
  6. Alumni who do not meet the previous eligibility statements may use employer contact information from our Web page to arrange independent interviews. Alumni may also attend employer information sessions on campus.


  1. To participate in on campus interviews, all students are required to register with Career Services.
  2. Students are also encouraged to attend the “Career Services Overview” session and review the interviewing guidelines.


  1. Students are required to sign up for interviews for which they have been pre-selected.
  2. If an extenuating circumstance requires cancellation, students will discuss this circumstance with Career Services staff at least three working days before the interview date.
  3. One missed interview (e.g., not signing up without prior notification to Career Services or not showing up for an interview) will result in temporary cancellation of interview privileges. You will be required to submit a letter of apology to the corporate representative with a copy provided to the Director of Career Services in order to resume interviewing.
  4. If a student misses more than one interview (e.g., not signing up without prior notification to Career Services or not showing up for an interview), the remainder of scheduled interviews will be cancelled. Students may appeal this decision by submitting a written statement to the Director of Career Services for review and appropriate action.
  5. Students are expected to sign up for their own interview slots. If circumstances arise (e.g., office and plant trips) that make a student unable to sign up on the prescribed day, contact should be made with Career Services staff to discuss alternatives.