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Education Information for your Resume

  • Include the name and location of Lehigh and other colleges attended (if you are a master's or PhD student) in reverse chronological order.
  • List major(s), minor(s) and graduation date(s).
  • GPA optional, but often desired. You can include major GPA, but don't over do it with listing several GPAs.
  • You can include relevant courses in your major/minor/electives, but ensure the list is concise (5-9) and includes upper-level courses, if applicable. Do not list course numbers, only titles.
  • Academic honors can be included in the Education section.
  • Study-abroad experiences may be placed here, or you can include them in another completely separate section, possibly titled, "International Experience," or "Study Abroad Experience."
  • If you are in your first or second year of college, high school information can be listed, but as you progress and gain more experiences, it may be time to remove high school-related information.