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  • Experience can be listed in one or two separate categories. All experiences should be listed in reverse chronological order (for chronological resume style). Include title, organization name and location, and dates. Use action verbs to describe responsibilities and achievements.
  • Related Experience includes full-time/part-time work, internships, co-ops, externships, class projects, research, and volunteerism that directly relates to the stated objective. Here is an expanded list of possible related experiences.
  • Additional Experience includes any other employment or experience that does not directly relate to the career sought but is important to include to show time management, consistency, etc.
  • In all experience entries, be sure to include position titles, company names, cities, states, and dates employed.
  • Include major responsibilities and outstanding achievements and/or recognitions.
  • Quantify wherever possible. For example, if you increased membership in your organization, state that increase as a percentage (for example, increased membership by 45%).
  • Major class projects, IPD, LEO, thesis and all can be included in Related Experience.
  • Keep descriptions action-oriented using strong action verbs: organized, designed, supervised, created, initiated. Don't use "I" to start sentences.
  • Avoid redundancy, and choose words carefully.
  • Keep descriptions concise.
  • Use bullet or paragraph format for descriptions. Be consistent with whatever format you choose.
  • Action Verbs
  • Related & Leadership Experiences