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What Employers Look for in Candidates

Employers look for a variety of skill sets and characteristics in their candidates.  They also look for people who are interested in their company and the position.  Here are some areas in which employers rate their candidates:

Impact - Creates a good first impression, commands attention and respect. Able to meet people easily and put others at ease.
Oral Communication - Demonstrates effective expression in individual or group situations (including nonverbal communication).
Written Communication - Expresses ideas clearly in writing; good grammatical form.
Leadership - Utilizes appropriate interpersonal styles and methods in guiding individual or groups toward task accomplishment.
Analysis - Relates and compares data from different sources, identifies issues, secures relevant information, and identifies relationships.
Behavioral Flexibility - Modifies behavior to reach a goal.
Job Motivation - The extent to which activities and/or responsibilities available in school/job overlap with activities that are personally satisfying.
Sensitivity - Actions that indicate consideration for the feelings and needs of others.
Planning/Organization - Decides on a course of action for self and/or others to accomplish a specific goal. Plans appropriate use of resources (people, time, supplies).
Ability to Learn - Ability to learn has been demonstrated by performance in school subjects and/or special projects for previous jobs.
Judgment/Decisiveness - Makes decisions based on relevant information or data. Determines alternatives as necessary. Allows ample time for evaluating information and making a decision.
Sales Ability/Persuasiveness - Utilizes appropriate interpersonal styles and methods of communication to gain agreement or acceptance of an idea, plan, activity, or product from classmates, peers, or supervisors.
Work Standards - Sets high but realistic goals. Work output is of consistent high quality, correct and on time.