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Writing a Thank You Note

Once you leave your interview, you may be thinking “Whew! Glad that's over! Now I just have to wait to hear back from them.” Well, you still have one more step to take – write a thank you note!

It is an integral part of the interviewing process to send a thank you note following your interview, preferably within 24-48 hours following your interview. You want to thank your interviewer(s) for his or her time and reiterate your interest, enthusiasm, and qualifications for the position.
For example: “Thank you for meeting with me today about the sales position at your company. Our conversation reinforced my strong interest in joining your team.” Cite one or two examples of what you learned during the interview that increased your interest in the position. If you learned that the job requires travel, a good comment might be, “Knowing that the position requires travel excites me because I enjoy connecting with people in the field.”
Here are some additional tips:
  • Be sure to thank everyone who interviewed you. If you met more than one person in the company, send a letter to each and vary the content just a bit.
  • Keep your letters short. You don't need to replay the whole interview in your letter.
  • Conclude your letter by inquiring about the next step, or if you know what it is, state that you are looking forward to it.
  • You can also include the best way to reach you, even if you think the recruiter knows it.
  • PROOFREAD!!! As with any and all correspondence with a potential employer, make sure that your letter is error free: no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Don't assume that the spell check will do the job for you. There is a difference between “there” and “their.” In addition, make sure all names are spelled correctly.
  • E-mail or snail mail? In today's technology-oriented world, e-mail is usually the best way to go because employers can get it much more quickly than a handwritten note, especially if they are traveling. However, an additional handwritten note is looked upon very highly and deemed to be a nice touch on the part of the candidate.
  • Bottom line: Always send a thank you note! Even if you decided you wouldn't want the position if offered, it is always best to maintain professionalism and follow through on this small, but meaningful task.