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Gaining Experience

While you can obtain a great amount of information about your career options via the Internet, our Career Library, networking, and career counselors, you can find out what it is a good fit for you by obtaining hands-on experience.  One of the best ways to make a decision about choosing a particular career path is by getting some first-hand experience. 

There are several ways to obtain this experience:

  • Participate in an externship. Spend a day or two "in the field" and learn more about the world of work.
  • Complete one or more internships. An internship over the summer or during the semester will provide you with great hands-on experience and give you a better idea if the choice you made is a good fit for you for the future.
  • For engineering majors, the Engineering Co-op Program is a wonderful opportunity to "earn while you learn," working for a company for seven to nine months and still graduating in four years.

Make an appointment with a career counselor to learn more about how you can take advantage of these opportunities.