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Networking is the formation and maintenance of a network of contacts in your field. Networking is an ongoing process of forming contacts and then maintaining a relationship by keeping contacts aware of your progress.


  • Friends and relatives
  • Faculty
  • Former employers and colleagues
  • Professionals you know 
  • Customers or suppliers with whom you have worked
  • Members of professional organizations
  • Members of your fraternity or sorority
  • Contacts found in directories, registers, professional magazines, newsletters, and journals

While networking enables you to establish relationships with people on the inside of your field, these people are probably not in positions where they can directly offer you a job. Don't put them on the spot by asking for a job. However, you can ask them for advice on your job search or even if they know of any job leads.  The best way to ask for guidance and to make a connection is through an Informational Interview.