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There are many ways faculty can assist students with career development.  As primary influencers of students, faculty that emphasize the importance of beginning the process early make an enormous impact.  Students are often compelled to take action after a conversation with a trusted professor.  Faculty may also enlist direct assistance from CCPD in the form of in-class presentations or career-related assignments.

Help your students - If students raise questions about career options in individual meetings, you may find it helpful to direct them to:

Collaborate with CCPD

Stay informed  

  • Outcome data - the annual first destination report administered to bachelor's degree recipients offers a snapshot of recent graduates' initial career related outcomes.  This link to the full report is included that breaks down results by college.
  • Career readiness - career readiness, a concept that has gained national attention in recent years, refers to institutional efforts that ensure students are ready to pursue a chosen career path upon graduation and successfully compete in the job market.  
  • Job market trends - The National Association of Colleges and Employers publishes periodic reports about job market trends.  Reports are based on surveys conducted with 9,000 employer and university members.  See Job Market, Trends & Predictions.