Blockcert Credentials for Experiential Learning

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What is a Blockcert?

A Blockcert is a digital credential; it captures learning and competencies that are not represented in transcripts or resumes. Blockcerts can serve as trusted evidence of students’ skills and lifelong learning because they are instantly verifiable and tamper evident. 

 A Blockcert digital credential:

  • Communicates skills, experiences, and achievements. 

  • Is owned by the student.

  • Does not expire.

  • Can be stored and shared easily. 

  • Is stackable with other credentials to build a digital portfolio of your accomplishments. 

  • Is secure, and cryptographically signed, anchored on the blockchain.

It feels nice to have something tangible that can be shared and viewed with colleagues and employers on venues such as LinkedIn. It is also a large step up from 1-3 lines on my resume... I feel it more accurately and greatly captures the time commitment I put into that one extracurricular and the skills that I gain from it.
Lehigh Blockcert Recipient, Class of 2021