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There are endless opportunities on and off campus to expand your skills and explore your interests.  Be bold, keep an open mind and take advantage of campus opportunities to gain experience through research, clubs, study abroad and leadership opportunities.

Campus Opportunities

Explore campus opportunities for high impact learning experiences that are organized into 10 learning categories to get you started.  Explore opportunities in:

  • Career Readiness
  • Community Engagement
  • Creative Inquiry
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global & Cross-Cultural
  • International Abroad Experiences
  • Leadership
  • Research
  • Teaching and Mentoring



We know it’s hard to land that first internship. Explore different careers and build your skills through mini-projects.   Connect with Lehigh partners Lehigh ConnectsUPSKLS, and/or Paragon One for external assisted management of internships and project based learning opportunities. These company partners will facilitate and manage the work of our employer partners and remote student interns.  Employers designate and structure the project-based work and provide mentorship, while Lehigh Connects, UPSKLS and/or Paragon One manage the process.

Internships and Full-time positions

We have the top platforms available to you to gain experience beyond Lehigh to find your next internship or full-time position. 

  • Customize your search for internships and jobs, and apply to opportunities, all in one place
  • Get personalized recommendations matching your profile and interests to internships and job opportunities
  • Find and tap into resources that advance your career readiness


Opportunities for International Students


Interstride is latest technology solution that solves many challenges faced by international students.  The platform offers:

  • Job listings
  • Real-time hiring trends
  • Employer information
  • Guidance on overcoming cultural differences, becoming a better networker, and making the most out of the international experience