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Career Coaching

Regardless of where you are in your career, there are countless benefits to working with a coach. Coaches can help you communicate your value as a professional, establish a career path, build your confidence, keep you accountable and motivated, and help you navigate through career decisions.   

Career coaching is available through Lehigh’s Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD) for those alumni up to two years out from graduation. We offer four coaching sessions to assist you with either a career transition or job search. Please call CCPD at 610-758-3710 to be connected with the appropriate coach.

During your scheduled session, our career coaches can help you learn how to effectively execute a career transition or job search and create an action plan with clear next steps. These steps may include:

  • Exploring career options to identify positions of interest (30 minutes)

  • Promoting your personal brand including resume/CV and LinkedIn profile review (30 minutes)

  • Building networking connections in your field and preparing for informational interviews (30 minutes)

  • Practicing for interviews and navigating job offers (30 minutes)

In order to maximize time in a coaching session, please review the information communicated to you prior to a coaching session.

If you are beyond two years of graduation, Lehigh has partnered with certified coaches . As part of the alumni coaching program, alumni will receive a free consultation call to determine if coaching is for you as well as a 20% discount on further coaching services.  Please review the coaching opportunities available below.


Emily Golden, PCC

A Career Coach with 17 years of corporate human resources experience in talent acquisition and talent management, Emily Golden has insight into what hiring managers look for and what it takes to advance professionally. Emily serves high achievers in a wide range of industries, supporting them to realize their full potential. Through her past partnerships with thousands of candidates, hundreds of hiring managers and dozens of search firms, Emily is uniquely qualified as a career coach and talent expert.  Emily is also the author of The New Golden Rule

Job seekers receive support from inquiry to offer including optimizing resumes and LinkedIn profiles, behavioral and emotional intelligence assessments, creating a marketing plan, leveraging social media, working with internal and external recruiters, crafting an appropriate exit statement, preparing for the interview and negotiating an offer. Emily is a proud graduate of Lehigh University, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the ICF, and an Accomplishment Coaching Certified Coach. Emily is also a certified administrator of the Predictive Index Behavioral Assesment and EQ-I 2.0 & 360 (Emotional Quotient) assessment and has 500+ hours of coach specific training plus over 1500 hours of hands-on coaching experience. Learn more about Emily through her website. 

Schedule your free 15-minute intro call with Emily




Crenshaw Associates (CA) has been in business for 38+ years focused on executives and leading corporations with a suite of services that include integration/on-boarding, coaching and development, career planning and transition services when people need assistance finding and preparing them for a new job or assignment. Crenshaw coaches, advisors and mentors are both certified coaches and former line executives, educators including heads of HR who have been involved with career centers and college recruiting.

Bill Glenn, Crenshaw’s Chairman, is a Lehigh alumni with a BA in’80 and an MBA in ‘81.  Prior to Crenshaw , Bill was the CEO of American Express Global Business Travel, a 100% spin-off  from American Express. Before that he was a  President and executive officer at American Express and division president at PepsiCo. Barb Bridendolph is Crenshaw’s CEO and has been with the company and a partner since 2001.

The Crenshaw partnership extends to Lehigh Alumni three tiers as an alum progresses in their professional life.  Planning a fulfilling executive career is best done strategically and with intention.  Crenshaw coaches will help you develop a strategic plan that taps your potential and takes professional goals and personal passion into account.  Crenshaw's career planning assessment for senior executives is customized to your unique career history and goals. Together you and your coach will identify gaps between current and future states and plan for how to fill them. Your career plan is supported by Crenshaw's curated assessment battery, personal career goals, and deep experience in supporting transitions at the top. 

Early-in Career: From 2 - 8 years of professional Experience -  The CA coach provides the individualized career coaching that guides the developing professional as he or she navigates the complexities of the workplace, colleagues, and networking opportunities. The Crenshaw method is unique and customized to the individual’s goals, both on and off the job.  

Mid-career Alumni: Approximately 8 - 20 years of professional experience -  This stage of the individual’s professional life is where decisions can make or break the trajectory of a career. The CA coach is the trusted guide as the rising professional moves toward career advancement, fulfillment and success as he or she defines it.

Senior Professional and Executives: 20+ years of professional experience -  This curriculum addresses senior executive coaching, career planning and various elements of transitions including Board Directorship, integration & on-boarding to a new company or assignment and preparing for a change from his or her existing company

To schedule your free introduction call with Crenshaw Associates, please email Bill Glenn at bill.glenn@crenshawassociates.com