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Parents play an integral part in their student's career development. For many students, their career goals are a reflection of their family and their academic experiences. Once your child is in college, we hope that you will continue to encourage his or her career development by suggesting that your student seeks assistance in The Center for Career & Professional Development starting his or her first year at Lehigh.

We strongly encourage all students to seek out various types of hands-on experiences to learn more about their chosen fields and to discover if what they have chosen is a good fit for them. These experiences can include informational interviews, externships, internships, Co-op, and volunteer experiences. Students should also become involved in the dozens of campus activities and organizations to expand their horizons outside of the classroom, to learn more about the campus community, and to be a part of campus leadership. Through on-campus involvement, students will learn more about themselves and their strengths and skills, which can translate into a positive career-decision making process.
During junior and senior years, students begin deciding their next steps after graduation, whether the next step is graduate or professional school, or full-time employment. This decision can be challenging, and we are available to help in creating a personalized search.
We believe every student would benefit from communicating with a mentor.  Lehigh Connects, an alum to student mentor program, has over 1,800 mentors who are eager to connect with students through messages, phone calls, Skype, or in-person meetings.  Mentorship is a great way for students to explore career options, learn about industries and specific job functions, arrange job shadowing and ask questions around interviewing, job or internship searching, salary negotiations, and much more.
Students can log in at go.lehigh.edu/lehighconnects
On Lehigh Connects, students will be able to:
  • Request long-term mentoring or participate in flash mentoring
  • Search over 1,800 mentor profiles in a variety of fields and locations
  • Schedule in-person or virtual meetings
  • Send messages and ask questions to industry professionals
  • Request job shadowing
  • Post questions to the discussion board

The Lehigh network is vast and powerful - but only for students who tap into it!

Building career plans? Students can ask a mentor about how they made career choices and use their educational background in professional roles.

Want to explore an industry or job field? Students can ask mentors about their projects, job duties, skills, daily tasks and professional responsibilities.

Looking to make the most of summer break? Students can set up job shadowing and schedule informational meetings with mentors to get a first-hand account of specific jobs and companies.

Searching for a job or internship? Mentors can provide advice to students that will connect them to network, reveal the hidden job market, and better prepare you for your search. Building relationships with mentors can lead to professional references and job or internship recommendations.

Need advice on salary negotiations and offer evaluations? Students can ask mentors for help understanding their worth in the current job market and better understand realistic salary numbers and benefit details.

The opportunities are endless but only for students who log in and connect!
Questions? Contact Andrea Reger at ags316@lehigh.edu
Each year, hundreds of organizations post internship and full-time positions on Handshake, our career management platform, and approximately 250 companies participate in our On-Campus Interviewing program. All full-time Lehigh students may benefit from utlizing the Handshake platform. We also encourage students to network and build relationships with alumni. Through the Lehigh University Alumni Group on LinkedIn, students can interact with alumni and begin making important connections.
The Center for Career & Professional Development strives to help your student learn more about the world of work and teach him or her the necessary skills for career management.