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Parents play an integral part in their student's career development. For many students, their career goals are a reflection of their family and their academic experiences. Once your child is in college, we hope that you will continue to encourage his or her career development by suggesting that your student seeks assistance in The Center for Career & Professional Development starting his or her first year at Lehigh.

The CCPD has developed a Career Learning Cycle to help students understand the necessary areas in which they need to develop career readiness.  We encourage you to also review this information to become familiar with the components of each phase and the areas your student can be working on. 

The CCPD offers many resources to prepare your student during the course of their academic experience and various ways to work with our team

Hire Lehigh Blog

For suggestions, on how to support your student and approach questions around career development, please take a moment to read the post for Parents from the hirelehigh.com career blog.  We appreciate your support as we not only prepare your student for their first opportunity after Lehigh but for lifelong career development.