Faculty guide to recruiting

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Lehigh’s Center for Career and Professional Development utilizes the job posting and recruiting platform, Handshake, as a primary resource for connecting students to available positions and informational events within our employer partner companies.  Handshake is the most trusted college recruiting platform that connects over 1,000 colleges and universities with over 500,000 employers from start-ups, to nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies and organizations.  Alumni and employer partners are asked to post opportunities to Handshake to provide equitable access to all students and to ensure compliance standards of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as well as other state and federal employment regulations. 

Lehigh students are very familiar with Handshake and use this as the primary source in their searches for internships and full-time positions as well as informational and educational sessions regarding industries, companies, and career pathways. 

As a faculty/staff member, who supports students and interacts with employer partners at times, we ask that you:

  • Refer an employer to CCPD and encourage them to share internship and full-time position opportunities on Handshake. 

  • Encourage employer engagement with students through classroom presentations, panel speakers, information sessions, and attendance at the Career Center’s annual Career Expos. Our Career Center staff are happy to help you coordinate employer partners from various industries to serve as panel speakers and class presenters to naturally enhance the curriculum and provide practical application demonstrations of the content.  

  • Become familiar with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Faculty/staff guide to ethical and legal standards in student employment. The document contains resources related to:

  • Access the NACE Job market trends as a resource to the discussions you might have and the guidance you may provide.

As shared in our Principles for Professional Conduct linked above, Lehigh’s CCPD Office is dedicated to:

  • Maintaining an open and free selection of employment opportunities in an atmosphere conducive to objective judgement;

  • Maintaining a recruitment process that is fair and equitable to candidates and employing organizations;

  • Supporting informed and responsible decision making by candidates.

By working together to uphold these principles, we support our students and employer partners as well as each other in providing successful experiences for all.