Learning More About Graduate Schools

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Turn to your faculty for information about graduate programs. Professors in your field of interest are extremely familiar with the current work in their discipline, attend conferences regularly, and are conversant with the strengths of various programs. Make an appointment to meet with (at least) one professor in your discipline. Discuss your potential plans, pose questions, ask for advice.

Graduate Students 
Consult current graduate students about their experiences and ask for advice.

Professionals in Your Field of Interest
Consult professionals working in your field of interest. Learn about their experiences and get their advice on how to proceed. Contact Career Services for help in locating Lehigh alums working in your discipline.

Professional Associations
Check out the Web sites of the professional associations for your discipline.

Commercial Guides
All of these sites provide a starting point for graduate programs: 


Program and Faculty Web Sites
As you gather information about various graduate programs and notable professionals in the field, check out their Web sites to learn more. You might even consider e-mailing coordinators or faculty at programs in which you're interested for more information.