Timeline for Applying to Graduate School

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It is important to start gathering information early in order to be able to complete your applications on time. Most people should start the process a full year and a half before their anticipated date of matriculation. Most deadlines for the fall’s entering class are between December and March. Deadlines for individual schools differ. Be aware of the deadlines at the schools you are interested in. Remember that many schools with rolling admissions encourage and act upon early applications.

The checklist below represents an ideal timetable:

Junior Year, Fall and Spring

  • Research areas of interest, institutions, and programs.
  • Talk to advisors/professors/career counselors about interests, programs, and applications.
  • Create a master worksheet chat contains crucial admissions information for all potential programs (e.g., deadlines, standardized tests, letters of recommendation, resume, contact information, etc.)
  • Register and prepare for graduate admission tests.
  • Investigate financial issues.

Junior Year, Summer

  • Take required standardized tests, if possible.
  • Access application materials.
  • Visit institutions of interest, if possible or desired.
  • Begin to write your Personal Statement.
  • Keep your master worksheet updated with regard to deadlines and admissions policies.

Senior Year, Fall

  • Make appointments with potential recommenders to discuss your letters of recommendation; bring your resume and Personal Statement.
  • Take graduate admission tests (if you haven't done so already).
  • Complete and submit applications.
  • Arrange for Lehigh official transcripts.
  • Investigate financial aid matters.

Senior Year, Spring

  • Monitor your files at each institution.
  • Visit institutions where you receive acceptance (if possible or desired).
  • Send in deposit to your institution.
  • Withdraw your applications from other institutions.
  • Send thank you notes to your recommenders and update them.