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Please join us for our 2021 Virtual Fall Career Expo on Thursday, February 18, 2021!  This event will offer employer partners the opportunity to meet and recruit students from all majors and levels for career, Co-op and internship opportunities. Registration is now open!

Thursday, February 18, 2021
All Students: 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Registration Fees: 
$350 - for-profit company
$175 - government and non-profit organizations

Event format:
Registered employer partners and students will be able to meet and network in a digital environment to form more meaningful connections through pre-scheduled and/or during the event requested 1:1 appointments.  Employer hosted group sessions that help students learn about the companies in which they are interested will also be an integral part of the expo experience.

General Information: 
At Lehigh’s 2021 Virtual Spring Career Expo, you’ll be able to engage with students in a variety of formats, including: 

Video, audio, and chat communication with students; 

Group meetings with up to fifty students; 

1:1 meetings scheduled in advance or after a group session; and/or 

By sharing your values and documentation with students.

Note: During registration in Handshake’s career platform, you’ll be asked to share the number of representatives who plan to attend the fair.  For each representative you register, you will be able to create a unique schedule for them to engage with students during the fair.  To learn more about these features, please reference the resources below.

Blog: Overview of Virtual Recruiting for Employers on Handshake

Webinar Recording: Virtual Fair Training for Employers

Help Article: Overview of Employer Scheduling (Recommended) 

Help Article: Video Requirements for Employers at Virtual Fairs

 Support and Logistics for Employers

How will the Expo accommodate needs of small local employers as well as massive employers? 

  • Scheduling within the Expo will honor employer preferences through the Handshake settings. For smaller and local employers, group sessions are recommended to reach as many students as possible. A large employer may have the resources to send multiple representatives that can create 1:1 availability throughout the Expo as well as hosting group sessions.

How will students and employers connect? 

  • There are two modes of virtual expo engagement:

    • 30-minute group sessions 

      • Handshake video: can support up to 50 participants total

      • External video platform link: if the employer prefers their own video platform for large group sessions or expects to engage with more than 50 participants in group sessions 

    • 10-minute 1:1 sessions

  • The length of both of these sessions cannot be updated in the first version of virtual fairs/expos. 

Can employers ask custom questions before students sign up for 1:1 sessions?

  • No, employers can’t ask custom questions as a part of student registration, but they can use the preference settings within Handshake to identify qualifications for students they wish to see.

Will students be able to leave or join a session after it's started?

  • Students can leave sessions up until the time that it is scheduled. Handshake will show them a warning whenever they cancel a session, to promote professional behavior.

  • For the initial release, students will not be able to join a session after it has started.

What happens if an employer representative has to cancel their attendance?

  • The employer will need to cancel any specific sessions for that rep and add a different person to the fair for 1:1s.

  • For group sessions, they could just add the new person and remove the former representative.

Please contact the Center for Career & Professional Development at (610) 758-3710 or via email at