Accelerated Medical Programs at Lehigh

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Lehigh offers accelerated (combined-degree) programs with the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and SUNY College of Optometry. For questions related to application or admission to these programs, please contact Admissions at 610-758-3100 ( For questions about curriculum or academics, please contact the pre-health advisor at 610-758-3710 or

Combined-Degree Program in Dentistry

The university, in cooperation with the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, offers an accelerated program that enables selected students to earn a combined baccalaureate (B.A.) and doctor of dental medicine (D.M.D.) degree after a minimum of seven years of study at the two institutions. Qualified high school seniors may apply directly to this program through the Lehigh's Office of Admissions.

During their first three years at Lehigh, students are expected to make satisfactory progress in prescribed academic areas as well as in the area of personal growth, developing those attributes ultimately needed to become a dentist. Students are expected to maintain a minimum overall and science GPA of 3.5 throughout their three years at Lehigh. They must also take the Dental Admission Test (DAT). Minimum DAT scores as stipulated by Penn Dental School are required.

Application for admission to the program is made through Lehigh's Office of Admissions. Admission is based on grades, ranking in the top 10% of high school class, and demonstrated maturity and motivation for dental school. Application deadline is January 1.

Combined-Degree Program in Optometry

In cooperation with the State University of New York College of Optometry located in New York City, Lehigh offers a seven-year joint-degree program in which students may earn both the bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree and the doctor of optometry (O.D.) degree after seven years of study at the two institutions. Students accepted into this program are admitted simultaneously into the behavioral neuroscience major at Lehigh and to candidacy in the SUNY College of Optometry's professional program of study.

Students may apply to this program either during their initial application or during their enrollment at Lehigh. For high school students, criteria for selection include demonstrated maturity, an interest in (and basic understanding of) the optometric profession, a minimum combined SAT score of 1300, and a ranking in the top 10% of the high school class. For first- or second-year Lehigh students, a minimum overall and math/science GPA of 3.3 in prerequisite undergraduate coursework at the time of application is required, with no grade below a C.

Students are expected to maintain a minimum overall and math/science 3.3 GPA, with no grade under a C. They are also required to take the Optometry Admission Test (OAT), attaining a score of 320 or above, and to participate in a personal interview. Application for admission to the program for incoming students is made through Lehigh Office of Admissions. Application deadline is January 1.